We Did It!

Please accept my sincerest thanks for choosing me to be your next Sheriff of Durham County. It has been a long journey, and I could not have achieved this significant and historic milestone without your support. I want to personally let each one of you know how much I appreciate your words of encouragement, your labor of love, guidance, donations; and, all that you did to contribute to our victory. It is our time!


There is much work to be done, and with your continued support, I know together we can create a safer Durham for all residents. In the coming days, you will hear more about my plan for the First One Hundred Days and some of the exciting initiatives we have in store for Durham County. All of which are designed to enrich our quality of life, protect the weak, address public safety and create "One Community One Durham."


Thank you again for your support.


Clarence Birkhead


Birkhead For Durham 
P.O. Box 13384
Durham, NC 27709

Phone: 919-482-4501
Email: contact@birkheadfordurham.com

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Protection for all people
  • Advocate for and contribute to the enrichment of safer neighborhoods, business economic centers, community parks and trails

  • Safeguard the welfare of every county citizen and support the needs of the underrepresented

Creation of one community
  • Build collaborative networks across all agencies of public safety

  • Pursue opportunities to address quality of life issues throughout our city and county 

Reinvestment in our people
  • Collaborate with public and private partners to expand educational and vocational opportunities for the county

  • Grow a highly trained workforce through advanced professional development to improve retention and enhance community engagement

One Community      One Durham